Rid your home of the clutter once and for all!
Declutter your entire home in just 15 minutes a day!
Are you tired of living in chaos? Home busting at the seams? It’s time to take your home back. It’s time to take your LIFE back. Can I get an amen? This challenge is going to do exactly that. You’ll probably sweat a little, you might even cry once or twice, but I promise you’ll feel so good at the end of this challenge.

"Home is where it all begins. Where you get to decide what you love most and can’t live without. Let your home tell your story."

-Nate Berkus

Simple Daily Challenges

15 minutes a day is all it takes to complete this challenge!
Decluttering Community

An all new community for this updated challenge to help keep you accountable!

Download the entire challenge along with worksheets to keep you organized and track your progress.
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Physical Clutter = Mental Clutter
So often we separate the physical clutter from our mental health but the truth of the matter is, if we have clutter in our homes we have clutter in our minds. Knowing that there is too much "stuff" to take care of can weigh us down.
The 6 Week Declutter Challenge was made for YOU! For the person who doesn’t have time or energy, for the mom who is overwhelmed, for the executive that has more important things to do. It was made for everyone. Each day, you are given simple 15 minute tasks that will help you rid your home of clutter once and for all!
Say goodbye to chaos and hello to peace with Corie's proven declutter challenge!
This challenge is different, this challenge YOU can do. I loved the 6 Week Declutter Challenge and the workability of the system. It had me motivated to clean up areas of my house that I hadn't touched since we moved in 5 years earlier. My bedroom and kitchen especially looked amazing when I finished.
- Karie
In just 6 weeks, Corie's Declutter Challenge helped me take an accurate assessment of my home & its spaces. By breaking down the challenges into bite-sized pieces (& stepping away at the end of each timed task), tasks didn't seem daunting...even the big ones! They were easy, & gratifying...dare I say, enjoyable at times! I still incorporate her ideas into my daily schedules, which are tucked ever-so-nicely into my Purposeful Planner! Thank you, Corie, for your service in helping all of us stay clutter-free in our surroundings, and therefore, our minds as well!
- Debra
I spent so long putting off going through things because it felt so overwhelming. Corie's declutter challenge took away that burden. It is simple so it makes you want to keep going each day without feeling overwhelmed.
- Carolyn
Breaking the challenges down into 15 minute increments makes it so much easier. You see progress quickly and it encourages you to keep going! I actually felt so relieved to have a clean and organized home. Even months after the challenge ended my home still looks great!
- Tracy
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25 page workbook with printable sheets to keep you on track
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Corie Clark
Author, educator, and creator of purposeful tools.
Corie loves not only helping others find their purpose, but equipping them to live it out. In 2014 she released her first book, The Simplicity Project. She has helped thousands create margin in their lives through her declutter challenge and Purposeful Planner.